Our Methodology

TAG-Training Group adopts an integrated and inclusive approach to the techniques of presentation, delivery, assessment that responds to the environment and the direct needs of our clients.

Techniques: Our training philosophy is based on collaboration through various training techniques, such as case studies, individual exercises, working in groups, brainstorming, organized dialogue, role acting, study visits, etc.

Tools: TAG-Training Group holds its courses in technologically advanced settings using modern aids and facilities.

Professional Experts: TAG-Training Group contracts only the best trainers who go through evaluation process to ensure high-quality training. Contracting criteria include professional and educational experience, reputation and passing the evaluation panel interviews.

Evaluation: TAG-Training Group conducts evaluation of both programs and trainers aimed at improving the quality of training. Such evaluations are constantly analyzed and results are incorporated in the business model.

Certificates: TAG-Training Group grants a certificate of participation to those who participate effectively specifying the training hours attended for each course. A participant’s attendance at the training sessions is a prerequisite for obtaining such certificate. Several accreditation are available according to type of training course.


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