Conducting Marketing Research to Discover New Marketing Opportunities

General Objectives: 

 • To understand the strategic role of marketing research for achieving company’s strategic objectives.
 • To develop managers' and employees' skills in conducting effective marketing research projects by using scientific methods of marketing research.
 • To understand the scientific and practical approaches for conducting successful marketing research projects.
 • To understand the methods and approaches being used to collect primary and secondary data from different sources for a specific marketing research project.
 • To understand the statistical methods that can be used to analyze quantitative data in the field of marketing research.
 • To understand the data analysis process and procedures using SPSS.
 • To understand the professional methods of analyzing data and drawing conclusions that can be used to make superior marketing decisions.
 • To understand the process of writing marketing reports to the top management in order to use the research information in the decision-making process. 

Targeted Group:

 • Marketing managers/executives. 
 • General Managers and/or their deputies. 
 • Marketing research managers. 
 • Management and/or marketing information systems managers. 
 • Sales managers and/or marketing personnel. 
 • New product development managers. 
 • Accounts managers.


  - Marketing research – Introduction
  - Identifying research problem
  - Collecting and analyzing data
  - Secondary data collection methods
  - Primary data collection methods: quantitative and qualitative methods
  - Designing marketing questionnaires
  - Marketing population, samples and sampling methods
  - Field work and primary data collection – surveys
  - Preparing data for analysis
  - Statistical analysis by SPSS
  - Preparing final report to management 

Course Duration: 

40 Training Hours 

For more details don’t hesitate to contact the training officer:

on telephone number 17383001
or e-mail at: gizrmrmt.yzsizrm@gztrgizrmrmt.xln


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