Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation 


The basic aspects (definitions, objectives, concepts, tools, techniques and practical approaches) of project monitoring and evaluation will be covered in light of a review of project planning and design (objectives, indicators of performance, sources of information, validity of information, schedules).

The planning of a monitoring and evaluation system. Contingent on the evaluation purpose, the nature and timeframe of the evaluation is determined i.e. whether it is an internal or an external evaluation. When is an external rather than an internal evaluation recommended? 


• Provide an overview of the definitions, objectives, tools and new approaches to monitoring and evaluation
• Provide an overview of planning and implementing a monitoring system for a project to determine the level of performance, Participants should gain insight of the direct link between the process of project planning and the process of project performance monitoring and evaluation
• Identify the appropriate evaluation tools and instruments to determine the level of performance
• Enhance the participants’ working knowledge of reporting formats and techniques in order to document findings
Targeted Group:
Managers, Supervisors, and evaluation professionals 


During training the following results are expected:
• Analyze and upgrade the quality of performance indicators identified for an on-going project (using the project log-frame (LF)
• Plan a monitoring system to track the performance of that particular project
• Analyze information about the assumptions, the environment, and the stakeholders for a project
• Identify a list of implementation steps to monitor the outside environment and stakeholders that could negatively or positively impact the performance of an on-going project
• Conduct a simulation exercise (role play) whereby participants will communicate with stakeholders (department heads, donors, project managers) the findings of the monitoring of the performance of a project
• The exercise aims to find ways by which monitoring and follow-up units could encourage Project Managers to make adjustments when performance feedback data indicates changes in the project environment

Course duration:

5 Days- 25 Hours 

For more details don’t hesitate to contact the training officer:

on telephone number 17383001
or e-mail at: gizrmrmt.yzsizrm@gztrgizrmrmt.xln


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