Market Segmentation Techniques

Market Segmentation Techniques: A Source of Competitive Advantage


1. To understand the philosophy and practice of market segmentation;
2. To understand the effect of market segmentation on company profitability and performance.
3. To understand the criteria and essentials of effective market segmentation.
4. To understand the process and phases of market segmentation.
5. To understand the effect of market segmentation on setting marketing objectives and developing marketing strategies.
6. To practice market segmentation in reality through real life examples and cases from the marketplace and how it benefits your company profits. 


1. Marketing managers/executives.
2. General managers and/or their deputies.
3. Customer relationships managers.
4. Sales managers and their assistants.
5. Sales representatives and/or marketing personnel.
6. Customer service managers.

Course content

- Marketing: state of art
- Market segmentation: definition and philosophy
- Market segmentation and profitability
- Common mistakes in market segmentation
- Effective market segmentation
- The advantages of market segmentation
- Market segmentation process
- Market segmentation phases
- Setting marketing objectives and strategies for identified markets

The Program Duration

15 Hours / 4 days 

For more details don’t hesitate to contact the training officer:

on telephone number 17383001
or e-mail at: gizrmrmt.yzsizrm@gztrgizrmrmt.xln


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